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With the uncertainty and instability of this year, we know it’s more important than ever to quiet our mind and focus our energy on taking actions that restore calm and balance to our inner being. Slowing down and carving out “you” time cultivates overall better health, increased immunity, and promotes a positive attitude.

This year more than ever, we want to support our local small businesses as much as possible.  Check out these special gift ideas for everyone on your list, all from beloved Seattle establishments.

For the Teen 

Keep your teen’s skin selfie-ready with our Green Tea Cleansing Mist and Facial Sugar Scrub for clear, balanced complexion. Plus, a little something to satisfy their sweet tooth—because they’ll never be too old for cupcakes.

Increased mask-wearing and emotional stress are causing many people to have painful rashes and irritation around the mouth, also known as perioral dermatitis.

So what is perioral dermatitis exactly? Let’s break down how it happens and how you can soothe it while still upholding recommended safety protocols.

Hands feeling dry, flaky & irritated? You’re not alone. We’re all washing our hands much more often than we used to, so it’s important to take the time to show them some extra love. Overwashing and frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer strips your skin of the good oils that keep it healthy, compromising the lipid barrier and leaving hands more susceptible to uncomfortable tightness and premature aging. Skip the harsh, drying formulas and reach instead for products that are both deeply nourishing and naturally antiseptic.

Fall brings more than just back-to-school madness and pumpkin spice everything. With the changing weather, it’s important to maintain and update your skincare routine.

We want you and your skin to stay healthy and happy! Here are OHA’s fall skincare tips: