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How to Soothe Stressed, Overwashed Hands

Hands feeling dry, flaky & irritated? You’re not alone. We’re all washing our hands much more often than we used to, so it’s important to take the time to show them some extra love. Overwashing and frequent use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer strips your skin of the good oils that keep it healthy, compromising the lipid barrier and leaving hands more susceptible to uncomfortable tightness and premature aging. Skip the harsh, drying formulas and reach instead for products that are both deeply nourishing and naturally antiseptic.

That’s where these two OHA favorites come in, formulated with a host of powerful, plant-powered ingredients including vitamin E and aloe vera, as well as bitter orange, organic sugar and our proprietary tri-blend of tea tree oils—all of which have antiseptic and antiviral properties.

Add these two products into your routine to counter the negative impact of handwashing, keeping hands looking and feeling soft, comfortable and youthful. Let’s dive into how these highly effective formulas work:

Sugar Shea Butter Cream

Immediately after washing, generously apply Sugar Shea Butter Cream to deeply moisturize and sanitize simultaneously.

Star ingredient shea butter quickly absorbs into your skin and seals in moisture for hours.

Our specially formulated trio of organic tea tree oils(lemon, lavender, and regular) offers substantial antibacterial protection to gently keep skin clean and germ-free.

Soothing aloe vera relieves sensitivity and inflammation caused by frequent cleansing—even suitable for rosacea.

Sunflower Oil(an excellent source of Vitamin E) has emollient properties that allow it to penetrate deep into pores and help skin retain moisture.


Vitamin C Brightening Cream

Follow with Vitamin C Brightening Cream to further fortify your moisture barrier, brighten dark spots and fend off signs of aging.

Highly concentrated antioxidants including vitamin C from bitter orange protects skin from external damage, addresses discoloration and preserves youthful radiance.

Licorice root, a powerful brightening agent, targets dark spots also protects from sun damage and soothes inflammation.

Responsibly sourced pearl powdercontains an abundance of amino acids and trace minerals, that boost collagen and promote cellular repair.