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Welcome to Self-Care Season

With the uncertainty and instability of this year, we know it’s more important than ever to quiet our mind and focus our energy on taking actions that restore calm and balance to our inner being. Slowing down and carving out “you” time cultivates overall better health, increased immunity, and promotes a positive attitude. Simple acts of self-care like intentionally experiencing the natural textures and scents of plant-based skincare, following your life-giving breath and seeing where it travels, and sipping delicious, comforting tea enliven our sensory systems to bring us back to this precious, present moment.  Here are our favorite self-care finds:

Beauty Bowl Skinware Set 

Eco-friendly skincare mixing set with wooden bowl, fan brush, and applicator

Ready to take the art of skincare to the next level? Our new eco-friendly Beauty Bowl Skinware Set enables you to lovingly create your very own customized facial treatments, masks, and more—in minutes. Combine your favorite OHA products in our beautiful wooden bowl, crafted by artisans in the USA with sustainably forested maple. Then using the bamboo spatula, blend the products of your choice to create a formula that perfectly suits your skin’s specific needs. Finally, use the bamboo fan brush to effortlessly apply and relax.

For an Extra Hydrating Mask:

  • Add a nickel-sized amount of SuperCritical Gel Mask + a pea-sized amount of any OHA Moisturizer to the bowl
  • Gently stir together with the bamboo applicator
  • Use the fan brush to apply to face & neck
  • Leave on for 20-45 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water while gently massaging into skin to assist nutrient absorption



Head Space Meditation App
Woman meditating

Bringing mindfulness into your daily routine has never been easier than with this app that offers a multitude of meditation journeys to choose from (plus you can try it for free!). We love to mix a mask in the Beauty Bowl Skinware Set and drift off into a stress-relieving meditation at the end of a long week.



Steamy Mug of Herbal Tea
Mug of hot tea

A Seattle-favorite for tea lovers, Steepologie offers a wide range of expertly curated herbal teas. One of our top picks is their Organic Relaxation Tea which features a peaceful combination of soothing herbs like chamomile flower, peppermint leaf, and lemon balm designed to help relax your mind and body.