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How to Deal with Face Mask-Related Perioral Dermatitis

Increased mask-wearing and emotional stress are causing many people to have painful rashes and irritation around the mouth, also known as perioral dermatitis.

So what is perioral dermatitis exactly? Let’s break down how it happens and how you can soothe it while still upholding recommended safety protocols.

Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory rash affecting the skin along the jawline and mouth area. It usually appears as scaly flaking or red bumps, often accompanied by uncomfortable itching and burning. While the root cause can be one of many things (from abrasive toothpaste to a fungal infection) dermatologists agree that these days masks are triggering dramatically more new cases than usual. 

If you are suffering from mask-related perioral dermatitis, here are three ways to prevent and treat this condition—naturally.

1. Cleanse & Prep

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Keep skin smooth and clean with this anti-bacterial scrub that gently resurfaces, boosts moisture retention, and strengthens the moisture barrier against future irritation.

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2. Soothe & Renew

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Calm irritated skin with calendula flower and turmeric’s naturally antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties while encouraging new healthy cell regeneration with seven Co2 extracts in a single, luxurious mask.

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3. Hydrate & Repair

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Treat the delicate area around the mouth to some serious TLC as you sleep with this deeply restorative set that has everything you need to lock in moisture and vital nutrients overnight.

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