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Rare Essential Oils

Highly therapeutic and hard to come by, we seek out the best rare essential oils to support your skin and your sense of emotional wellbeing at once. We believe that self-care involves not only the topical application of products providing physical benefits (though our products do that as well) but aim also to uplift, soothe and fortify your mental health. This holistic approach to beauty ensures that you not only look great, but feel even better.

Cape Chamomile Essential Oil

An exceptional essential oil from South Africa. During steam distillation of this plant, a blue azulene is created giving this oil a profoundly calming effect on nerves and skin. Its unique scent profile is fruity rather than herbaceous. Cape chamomile is effective for rosacea, psoriasis and adds therapeutic benefit to general skin care. It soothes and supports your nervous system, providing critical emotional and energetic reinforcement. This stress-relieving essential oil helps alleviate feelings of anger and frustration during both times of situational anxiety and depression, as well as everyday strain.

Lemon Tea Tree Oil

Lemon tea tree oil works wonderfully well in skincare given its highly antibacterial and antimicrobial actions plus its refreshing aroma. It has been found to be effective in treating acne and for keeping skin exceptionally clean.

Lavender Tea Trea Oil

Lavender tea tree oil (aka Rosalina) brings together the benefits of regular tea tree and lavender essential oil. In addition to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial uses, it has a relaxing and calming scent reminiscent of lavender. It is also good for sensitive skin as it soothes redness and irritation.

Australian Sandalwood

Australian Sandalwood differs from Indian in that it contains Alpha-bisabolol, an antibacterial, antioxidant antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compound. Sandalwood oil is ideal for treating red, inflamed and acne-prone skin. The powerful emollient also hydrates to combat visible signs of aging and create a protective barrier between your skin and environmental aggressors.

Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oil

Helichrysum is the Latin name for a flowering botanical meaning “immortal” or “everlasting” and is known for its emotionally healing properties in regard to burnout or mental exhaustion. Aside from its benefits to skin, including reducing the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles, we include this essential oil because of its ability to promote vitality from within.