Step into Spring with Sugar Scrub


For the first time since August, Seattle enjoyed a sun-filled weekend and it finally feels like Spring is here. The flowers are blooming, the frogs are hollering, and we’re finally trading our boots for flip flops.  In this season of rebirth and growth,  it seems natural to want  our skin to experience the same newness and vibrancy. The best product for exactly that is our Facial Sugar Scrub. It’s so versatile and refreshing that we want to make sure you know all about it for your Springtime facial routine. The following are some alternative uses for our favorite scrub:

•    By diluting a small amount of Sugar Scrub in the palm of your hand with Hydrating Mist or water, even the most sensitive skins can enjoy the gentle exfoliating, cleansing and nourishing benefits.
•    Apply a quarter-size amount of product over damp skin and leave on for up to twenty minutes. Once rinsed off, the Sugar Scrub will leave your skin plumped, hydrated, glowing and smooth as silk. Try applying right before your next shower and rinse off just before you finish showering.
•    Apply a small amount to a blemish and leave on for a half hour. It draws out impurities and helps the blemish heal more quickly.
•    Apply to hands to gently exfoliate and give yourself a revitalizing hand treatment. Follow with the Vitamin C Hand Cream.
•    If you’ve been working in the garden and scratch your hands, first clean the scrapes, then apply the Sugar Scrub to the scratch and let it dry until it naturally flakes off. Martha did this over the weekend on a scrape she got while cleaning her roof. It had zero sting and her scrapes aren’t even visible a day later.
•    Use Sugar Scrub to help remove a mask treatment. It makes the mask come off more easily while not stripping away the mask’s beneficial ingredients like a cleanser often does.

All of these are made possible by using naturally antibacterial and organic cane sugar. We grind the cane sugar for every batch so that the sugar is coarse enough to lift debris and dead skin but fine enough to not irritate or cause micro-tears on the skin. We combine this sugar to a mixture of aloe, collagen-boosting MSM and vitamins C & E. Our  Lemon and Lavender Tee Tree essential oils are unique to OHA and not available in other brands. On top of that they are truly refreshing and thoroughly therapeutic.  We hope you are as inspired by this new season as we are, and of course we wish you health and beauty.

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