Who Is Meg?


After a couple of months on board the OHA team, I realized that most of you, our fabulous customers, have yet to meet me or know what I’m doing here.

Martha and MegI’m Meg. I grew up in the beautiful Northwest, have been playing cello since fifth grade and my best friend is Drea. Drea and I became friends when we were both awkward sixth graders in gym class. My own home life was tricky and stressful, so I spent a lot of time with Drea and her mom, Martha. Yes, that Martha, the formulator of all your favorite skin nourishing products.

Martha’s home was my second home, where I got to sniff all of her special formulas, learn about Martha’s new research (she was doing yoga well before Madonna even sat on a mat), play duets (cello and viola) and hang out with Drea, and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere that Martha had created. It was an aromatic bubble away from my parent’s house. It was here that I learned about how essential oils are ACTUALLY supposed to smell and that Martha is a total stickler about ingredients.

Take, for instance, the bath salts I got her one year. They were “lavender” bath salts, the kind that you’d find in a grocery store. I thought, “Martha loves lavender. This will be right up her alley.” Martha graciously accepted them but, when I saw them stored under the sink several months later, I asked Drea why Martha hadn’t used them yet. Drea was always good at putting things bluntly: “Mom’s really picky about that sort of thing”. I’m sure those bath salts didn’t even have real lavender in them, much less organic, therapeutic, fairly traded lavender. I wasn’t even close.

This super pickiness kind of blew my mind. There was a difference between grocery store lavender and the lavender Martha bought from overseas? You could be choosey about what you put on your skin and your choosiness would make a difference? I always liked the idea of “all natural” but didn’t know there were so many labeling tricks by very unnatural companies. Developing my opinions about ingredients in Martha’s home sparked my love for high quality, natural products.

Fast forward through awkward middle school, music-filled high school, four years in the midwest at Oberlin College only to stay in the midwest (in Chicago) with my boyfriend, Matt. Matt and I visit Seattle once or twice a year and, on one of these visits, Martha asked me to join her skin care team. I can’t think of a better fit for my life: I have another reason to move back to Seattle, I get to work with Martha and be a part of a company I believe in, and I will be surrounded by lovely smells again.

So, that’s me and why I’m thrilled to be here, sharing the OHA love. Until next time!


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