Color, Color


These days, glass and plastic bottles come in lots of different colors. Here at OHA, our glass and plastic bottles are brown. Most people think we just picked the color because of aesthetics. But the truth is, there is a reason why we choose to store our products in dark colored bottles.

OHA skincare products are made using plant based organic ingredients. Since we don’t use synthetic preservatives, our products are sensitive to light and heat. Our brown colored bottles shield light away and help protect the ingredients in our products. Therefore, the whole ingredients in your OHA product remains balanced and full of the healing, restorative and regenerative elements. Be sure to always keep your OHA purchase out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

Organic: Not Just For Skin Care, Anymore


In the last few months, OHA has found its way onto the shelves of some very exciting places. One of them is a store called Spun, a clothing collective on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Not only does Sara, designer and owner, have a fabulous organic clothing line, she rents out the rest of her racks, tables, and shelves to mostly local indie designers. I’ve been a huge fan of this place since I moved back to Seattle. When I finally realized that Spun would be the perfect space for a local, organic skin care line like OHA, Martha and I visited Sara, got her hopelessly addicted to the Cleansing Milk, and moved in at the beginning of February. We couldn’t be happier about it.

Beyond clothes and OHA, this place has a huge variety of gifts and generally awesome products. I have a difficult time leaving Spun without a bagful of flattering organic clothes, understated and beautiful jewelry and sassy handmade greeting cards. I confessed to Sara the other day that half of my closet is filled with her beautiful clothes.

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, be sure to stop into this gem of a store and feel good knowing that you’re directly supporting local businesses, buying reasonably priced but stunning pieces for both your wardrobe and your skin, plus enjoying a high-quality perusing session.

Spun Sustainable Collective
1515 14th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

Happy shopping! Be sure to check out the locations page to see if there are any new places to find OHA near you!


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