The Super Powers of the Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask


OHA’s Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask features many powerful ingredients that revitalize and promote ongoing benefits for your skin lasting several hours after each treatment. We’ve mentioned CO2 extracts in the past, but every time we do research, new information emerges that makes us love this mask even more. It contains a vast array of CO2 extracts not available in any other OHA products. Not only are CO2 extracts considered the most bioactive and clean (residue, allergen, germ and preservative free) extracts available, CO2 extraction is also an eco-friendly extraction method that doesn’t create waste streams. Being a company out of the very green and beautiful city of Seattle, it seemed fitting to feature extracts that are especially kind to the environment. By using CO2 extracts, we’re providing your skin with the cleanest and most potent nutrients available from nature.


Because we’re so impressed with CO2 extracts, we believe that every skin type can benefit from using OHA’s Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask. “Every skin type?” Trust me, I know that sounds like a lofty claim. Whenever I read about products for “all skin types”, I doubt that it’s actually the best product for all skins and tend to assume it’s the best compromise for all skin types. This mask, however, really IS the best thing for all skin types, especially those with acne, sun damage, or roseacea. Here’s why:


Why it works on acne:

  • Seabuckthorn  and Rosehip CO2  contain high and almost equal amounts of Omega 3 and 6 supporting skin membrane function and elasticity and useful in cases of roseacea, acne and all skin inflammatory issues.
  • Turmeric CO2 contains curcumin which is known for its anti-inflammation and anti-carcinogenic properties that are also highly antibacterial.

Why it works on sun damaged skin:

  • Pomegranate CO2 contains punicic acid, which has been found to promote skin regeneration and decreases the incidence of skin cancer formation.
  • Carrot Seed, Seabuckthorn, Rosehip and Calendula contain high amounts of carotenoids which are also known as Pre-Vitamin A. Carotenoids offer your skin protection from environmental toxins and ultra violet damage. They also assist in wound healing.

Why it works on roseacea:

  • Rosemary is well known for its cell regenerative properties. The rosemarinic acids have been identified for use in eliminating the Demodex mite, thought by many to be a direct cause of roseacea.
  • Seabuckthorn  and Rosehip CO2  contain high and almost equal amounts of Omega 3 and 6 supporting skin membrane function and elasticity and useful in cases of roseacea, acne and all skin inflammatory issues.

Why it works for every skin type:

  • Both the Rosemary and St. Johnswort CO2 have calming and analgesic properties that help us to relax and breath deeper.
  • Another unique ingredient in this mask is unrefined Acai oil. This super food oil is rich in essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and E, essential fatty acids and other highly therapeutic nutrients.

The overall ingredient deck of this formula makes it as useful for anti-aging  as it is for acne and roseacea.

Hyaluronic Acid: Fantasy or Reality?


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has been getting loads of anti-aging publicity in the skin care arena. Is there any basis to the hype? Let’s talk about the good stuff:

  • 60 Minutes featured a Japanese village that lived longer and had fewer wrinkles and diseases than the rest of the world because of their diet that was rich in hyaluronic acid. Consuming HA works.
  • Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000 times its weight in water, helping skin get plump and hydrated when injected with it.  Injecting HA works for plumping the skin.
  • Damaged connective tissues in the body, especially in places like the knees, heal beautifully with HA injections.
  • HA rocks at healing wounds.

This is all great, right? It sounds like a perfect fit for skin care.  Here’s the trouble:

  • Long chain hyaluronic acid is what’s most effective at plumping the skin, retaining water and healing connective tissue. The long chain versions of HA, however, can’t penetrate the skin.  It can’t get under the skin and cause the plumping or healing that it’s marketed to do.
  • Short chain hyaluronic acid can penetrate the skin but it actually causes inflammatory responses rather than healing and hydrating.

We get that there are tons of good points about HA but when it comes to topical skin care, hyaluronic acid is a marketing scheme and not actually beneficial to your skin.  That’s why OHA uses Tamarind Seed Extract in the Lip Line Treatment – it plumps and smoothes the skin without causing an unsightly reaction. You can heave a sigh of relief, knowing that OHA doesn’t fall prey to hype, but uses what’s best for your skin.

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