Organic vs Conventional


There’s no arguing that us humans need food to survive! Of course we know that eating fruits and vegetables is better for us than all of the processed packaged stuff. But with all the recent talks about conventional and organically grown fruits and vegetables, it’s tough to know what the right thing to do is.

You may have heard about the now famous “Stanford Study” which determined that organic food was not any more healthier than conventional. Unfortunately, they missed a few things.

Plain and simple, organic produce just tastes better. If you have ever tasted a conventional tomato and an organic one, you know what I’m talking about! There is no denying that the organic tomato is dense full of flavor. And what about all those chemicals? With the rise of antibiotic resistance, more and more people are realizing that the widespread usage of pesticides and antibiotics in agriculture has had a damaging effect. Pregnant women, babies and kids are advised to stay away from chemicals of all types. The negative impact on farmers, their land and our eco-system are also enough reasons to consider organically grown produce. Organic farming methods help the Earth renew itself while spraying pesticides beats up the land. Plants end up relying on the chemicals to help them fight disease and aren’t strong enough to protect themselves. When plants aren’t practicing this natural battle, they’re not building up their natural self-defense mechanism. It’s this activity that fills them full of antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids and other phytonutrients which we need to help us live in optimum health.

Take some time to research this topic on your own and come to your own conclusions. Here’s a recent post over on Mark’s Daily Apple to help get you started.

We’d love to know what you find out there! Leave us a comment here about your thoughts on all of this and whether or not you choose organic.

Support your local farmers, growers and of course, skin care makers!

To your health.

The Super Powers of Licorice


There are few foods as polarizing as licorice. I fall into the “no, thank you” camp while others happily consume it on a regular basis. The beautiful thing about licorice, besides providing the world an illustration of living peacefully amongst differing opinions, is that it comes from a plant (with the hardcore title of Glycyrrhiza glabra, but I’ll just call it ‘licorice’) with impressive super powers for your skin. Let’s review some of those here:

1. Are dark spots from acne, eczema, aging and scars bothering you? Studies show that licorice can naturally lighten pigmented skin to give it a more balanced, even look.

2. Suffer from psoriasis? Have no fear! Licorice Root Extract is here! Slather the Vitamin C Infused Hand Cream over your psoriasis-addled skin and watch it get better in no time.

3. Are you battling itchy dermatitis? In a study by the Department of Pharmaceutics, “Two percent licorice topical gel was more effective than 1% in reducing the scores for erythema, oedema and itching over two weeks. The results showed that licorice extract could be considered as an effective agent for treatment of atopic dermatitis.” Lucky for you OHA customers, Martha formulated the Vitamin C Infused Hand Cream with a 7.5 % concentration of licorice root extract to provide even more scientifically proven healing power.

4. Best of all, applying licorice root extract topically helps prevent skin cancer and consumes free radicals to slow down the skin’s natural aging process. The Department of Medical Elementology and Toxicology did a study whose results showed, “that glycyrrhetinic acid (a “major active component of licorice roots”), an antioxidant, is a potential chemopreventive agent that can inhibit… cutaneous oxidative stress and tumor promotion.”


Basically, licorice root extract is awesome. It’s a potent extract that will not only balance your skin tone and soothe what ails your skin but it also prevents future skin troubles, like skin cancer and wrinkles. Now, when you use your favorite OHA hand cream, you’ll know you’re applying the real deal.



Pumpkins Make My Fall Go ‘Round


I set a goal for myself this season: consume and enjoy as much pumpkin as I’m able. I wish I could say I was motivated by its glorious amounts of Vitamin A, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. I wish I could say I was motivated by my desire to support the great farmers in Washington State. While those are lovely side-benefits, the truth of the matter is this: I dig pumpkin and I don’t want this season to pass without fully embracing this delicious, seasonal gift.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about some of the pumpkin’s skin-worthy superpowers:

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil, featured in the Intensive Nutrient Complex and Night Cream, is rich in squalene, which scavenges for skin-aging free radicals, soothes the skin and protects against UV damage and other environmental damage. Squalene also seems to have potential for fighting cancer.
  • Pumpkin Seed Oil is also rich in alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopherols (Vitamin E), which provide UV protection and prevent skin oxidation. (pssst! That means that pumpkin’s a powerful antioxidant!)
  • Essential Fatty Acids abound in Pumpkin Seed Oil. EFAs effectively reduce inflammation, repair itchiness and flakiness, replenish moisture and protect the skin’s lipid barrier.
  • Pumpkin Leaf Oil is a great mosquito repellant!

To sum it up, Pumpkin Seed Oil is a potent antioxidant, protector, soother, and moisturizer. Lucky for you, Martha only blends with the finest, whole oils that are unrefined and pure so you will experience all of the pumpkin’s unadulterated benefits.

I hope you’ll join me in my celebration of pumpkins this fall. You can keep up with my pumpkin consumption in my facebook photo album and feel free to send me your pumpkin-centric ideas (I’ve been on the hunt for a good pumpkin ravioli recipe!). Also, make sure to check out this month’s sweet pumpkin special that pairs our pumpkin seed oil products with the OHA Cleansing Milk, plus a great coupon!

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