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Seaweed Vitality Moisturizer

Seaweed Vitality Moisturizer



This incredibly potent facial moisturizer is both deeply penetrating and fast-absorbing, making it a suitable everyday choice for fatigued, dehydrated, and dull complexions. Antioxidant-rich seaweed extracts balance, revitalize and boost healthy cell function to leave your face smooth and glowing.

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Featuring an earthy, grounding scent derived from rose, geranium and vetiver essential oils, this face cream puts the heart and mind at ease as it hydrates and brightens. Plant-derived olive squalene delivers a concentrated dose of moisture that instantly absorbs into the lower levels of skin. Alpha lipoic acid helps to shrink the appearance of pores and brighten skin tone to impart a youthful, radiant glow

Evening primrose oil, an ingredient high in omega 6 fatty acid and gamma-linolenic acid, strengthens and hydrates skin, soothes inflammation, and protects from pollution.

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For Skin Types: Dry, Normal, Combination, Oily

Use to:  Support Anti-aging, Hydrate, Detoxify, Brighten

Included in: Night Time Rejuvenator Set, Gift & Travel Set

Notes: OHA Best Seller

How to Use

After Cleansing

  • Dispense a dime-sized amount of product into palm
  • Combine with five sprays of OHA mist & dime-sized amount of OHA serum 
  • Mix & apply to face and neck using upward strokes, avoiding the eye area until completely absorbed



For Best Results

  • Focus with extra product on areas of sensitivity & inflammation
  • Apply to lymph areas under the jawline &  neck
  • Follow with pea-sized amount of OHA Under Eye Therapy using circular tapping of fourth fingers, circling along bony areas of eyes

Featured Ingredients:

Seaweed Extract

Featuring a spectrum of nourishing oceanic vitamins and minerals, seaweed extract soothes, softens and balances your complexion. Due to the similarity between seaweed cells and skin cells, it is highly effective in protecting and maintaining your skin’s natural balance, defending against irritation, inflammation and redness.

Evening Primrose Oil

 Evening primrose oil soothes and moisturizes while enhancing elasticity leaving you with a radiant, rejuvenated complexion. Filled with nourishing fatty acids, it also contributes to overall skin health by decreasing inflammation and skin imperfections like eczema and acne.

Rose Essential Oil

The oil derived from roses’ fragrant petals are known to alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. When applied topically, rose essential oil hydrates dry skin, clears acne and reduces signs of aging. 



Working as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent, geranium essential oil is reputed to eliminate dead cells while promoting the regeneration of new skin to diminish signs of visible aging. 

distilled water with seaweed (laminaria hyperborea, undaria pinnatifida, fucus vesiculosus), green tea (camellia sinensis) extract*, rose (rosa damascene) hydrosol*, vegetable emulsifying wax, evening primrose (oenothera biennis) oil*, geranium (pelargonium x asperum) hydrosol, lavender (lavandula angustifolia) hydrosol*, geranium (pelargonium x asperum) essential oil complex*, coconut (cocos nucifera) oil*, rosehip seed (rosa rubiginosa) oil*, red raspberry seed (rubus idaeus) oil, olive squalene, shea (butyrospermum parkii) butter, olive (olea europaea) oil*,stearic acid, grape seed (vitis vinifera) oil, calendula (calendula officinalis) succus extract*, cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon), avocado (persea gratissima) oil, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), esterified Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), lecithin, trace minerals, tocopherol vitamin E, calophyllum inophyllum, acacia senegal gum*, tocotrienol vitamin E, allantoin, xanthan gum, vanilla leaf (achlys triphylla) flower essence, alpha lipoic acid, sea buckthorn (hippophae rhamnoides) CO2 extract*, rosehip seed (rosa rubiginosa)  CO2 extract*


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