Beauty Bowl Skinware Set - OHA Skincare


Beauty Bowl Skinware Set

Beauty Bowl Skinware Set



  • Maple Beauty Bowl
  • Fan Brush
  • Spatula Applicators (x5)

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Elevate your daily self-care into something sublime with our eco-friendly Beauty Bowl Skinware Set. These unique accessories take the art of skincare blending to the next level by enabling you to lovingly customize treatments, masks and more.

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Combine your favorite OHA products in the beautiful wooden bowl to blend, create, and dispense new formulas that perfectly suit your skin’s specific needs. When you’re finished, the compact tools easily tuck away—though they’re so aesthetically pleasing you might even want to show them off on the bathroom counter.
Maple Beauty Bowl: 2.5″ W x 1″ H
Fan Brush:  7.1’’ L
Spatula Applicators: 2.85’’ L each

How to Use

For an Extra-Hydrating Mask
  • Add a nickel-size amount of OHA SuperCritical Gel Mask & a pea-sized amount of any OHA moisturizer to the bowl
  • Gently stir together with the bamboo applicator 
  • Use the fan brush to apply to face & neck
  • Follow OHA Supercritical Gel Mask user instructions from here
For an Anti-Aging Treatment

Combine the following OHA products into bowl: 

  • 1-2 pumps CoQ10 & Argan Face Cream or Advanced Moisture Treatment 
  • 3-5 sprays Hydrating or Green Tea Mist 
  • 1-2 pumps Advanced Treatment Serum 
  • 1/4 pump Under Eye Therapy
  • Gently stir together with the bamboo applicator 
  • Use your fingers or the bamboo applicator or fan brush to apply treatment to face & neck

Included Products:

Hydrating Mist - 4 Fl. Oz. Mist

Maple Beauty Bowl

This gorgeous wooden bowl, crafted sustainably forested maple, provides ample space to mix your skincare creations. Rinse and air dry after each use. Coat with vegetable or mineral oil when needed to prevent bowl from drying out.

Sugar Shea Butter Cream

Fan Brush

Keep your hands mess-free as you gently apply masks and treatments with this bamboo fan brush topped with vegan-friendly Teklon bristles and accented with a recyclable aluminum ferrule. Rinse and air dry after each use

Sugar Shea Butter Cream

Spatula Applicators

Easily combine your favorite products with these sturdy, reusable applicators made from eco-conscious bamboo & biodegradable materials to minimize environmental impact. The applicators keep your fingers out of jars for a more sanitary experience and precisely dispense the exact amount of product needed for every application. Rinse after each use and sterilize with rubbing alcohol.