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I am a 45-year-old woman who does not dye her graying hair. I was recently carded in Trader Joe’s buying a bottle of wine. When I seemed shocked and flattered, the cashier told me it was because I had such young-looking skin. I have been using your products for about 10 years. Thank you!!

-Rebecca from Seattle,WA

I was given a sample of the Intensive Nutrient Complex after having a mini-facial at a local spa. My skin felt fantastic after the facial, but what has amazed me more is how good it feels since using the complex every night for a week. In addition, it even helps with acne! I had a small breakout last month around my cycle, and due to the high humidity. I put the Complex on at night before bed, and I woke-up in the morning with it nearly gone! No more drying chemicals. I am planning to get a full-size of this as well as the Sugar Scrub, as my esthetician said they work well in conjunction with each other. I am so excited to find a product that is safe (organic; no chemicals or synthetic fragrances), AND works so well! I am definitely recommending this to my friends.

-Jennifer from Beverly, MA

There’s a big demand for natural products with lots of companies eager to satisfy. But which products work and which ones are snake oil? I didn’t want to spend a lot of money that I don’t have on something that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I decided to try the Facial Sugar Scrub because I haven’t been happy with any of the organic facial cleansers currently in the market.

I finally found what I’ve been looking for in OHA’s Facial Sugar Scrub. It actually does what it’s supposed to do! My old facial scrub left an oily residue, but OHA just leaves my face clean, soft, and refreshed. Perfect for starting the day or just what I need to relax at night. I use it everyday usually in the morning. Smells wonderful like something from a sophisticated spa. In fact, I feel like I’m leaving the spa after I use OHA’s scrub.

After three months, I noticed two improvements in my skin. First, OHA keeps my pores clean. In the past I used nose strips with little to no effect. But after a week of using OHA, I immediately noticed my pores weren’t as clogged. More importantly, my acne attacks are not as bad. I normally don’t have acne but three things trigger an attack – stress, poor eating habits (i.e. eating out several days in a row), and my period. Each of these triggers has gone off, sometimes all at once, but I only notice one or two little pimples versus the usual clusters around my forehead, chin, or side of my face.

Lastly, the sugar scrub comes in a little 1.7 oz bottle and it’s lasted me three months. There’s still enough left for another three months. You don’t need to slather a lot, just a little dab will do. You can’t beat a $20.00 organic facial scrub that will last half a year. I have recommended OHA to a variety of friends and family members who are searching for affordable, organic, natural skin care products and I’m excited to try their other products like their moisturizes and eye treatments.

-J.A. from Chicago, IL

I absolutely love your products and would highly recommend them to anyone with problem skin. After several pregnancies and natural process of aging (I will be 50 in June) I now have skin that is very dry if not cared for properly with the added bonus of rocecia. At first the OHA regimen seemed very time consuming putting on the different products each time I washed my face. Then I saw, either in the newsletter or online somewhere, how to spray the hydrating mist into my palm, squirt one squirt of intensive nutrient complex and one or two squirts of moisturizer — mix it up and apply in one ‘coat’. Works like a charm and saves time too! I find that there are times that I need the added moisture of the night moisturizer during the day. Anytime the temp is below 40 degrees I have to go to the night moisturizer day and night (of course here is Southwest Louisiana that is about one week a year, ha!). The same is true of the summer, however, if I am out in the sun a lot or if my face is drying out for whatever reason I just use the night moisturizer day and night for a few days and my skin comes right back to normal.

At first I could not use the facial sugar scrub except very infrequently because it made my skin red and irritated. I hated this because I needed the exfoliation. When I read in the newsletter to use it like a mask instead, that was the answer to the problem and, again, a timesaver. I put it on when I get in the tub and wash it off when I get out of the tub — no waiting, no mess. I guess you can tell I am always in a hurry trying to do more than one thing at a time.

My favorite product is the intensive nutrient complex. I have tried to postpone ordering it when money was tight but I have found that I cannot do without it — it makes that big a difference to my skin. The scrub is my second favorite item now that I use it like a mask. I still can only do it twice a week but I feel it makes a big difference in my skin.

-Nancy from Louisiana

“I got a travelers gift set of OHA products and decided to purchase all the products that were in the kit. (toner, cleansing milk, scrub, day and night cream) I noticed an improvement in my skin after only a few days. Softer and smoother feeling immediately.  The scrub really cleanses the pores leaving my skin feeling like I had a professional facial. It exfoliates while moisturizing.  I usually find the scent of lavender too strong and have avoided using products containing it, but find OHA products have a very light and pleasant scent which dissipates quickly (too quickly!).  It leaves me with a relaxing feel good mood every time I use it. I have used products with a much higher price tag that do not come close. I’m a fan.”

-Annie from Oregon

“I want to let you know that I went by the OHA booth the last day of the show and got samples of the facial wash, facial mist, eye cream, and daily moisturizer and I LOVE THEM!! Where can I buy more?  My skin feels so dewy and people have commented that my skin is glowing. I was concerned that a few of the ingredients would irritate my very sensitive skin, but it’s been perfect.

-Sales Representative from a competing line

“I found your products at Radiance in Olympia about 10 months ago and have been using them ever since. Thank you for creating this line of soothing, hydrating products.

My daily ritual: welcoming my being to the day, I wash my face with Cleansing Milk, apply lovingly Lip Line Treatment, tenderly tap on Under Eye Treatment, and then prepare one pump of Intensive Nutrient Complex with three spritzes of Hydrating Mist in the palm of my hand and smooth over my face and neck.

Ahh! What a wonderful way to say “Hello World”. I smell good and I feel good!  Thanks for your products and dedication to creating something that helps with aging skin.”

-Susan from Olympia, WA

“I’ve been using OHA products for about 2 years now and love them. I especially love the Intensive Nutrient Complex. It really makes a difference in the way my skin feels and looks.

-Laura from Facebook

“I suffer from oily/rosacea/somewhat adult acne-prone skin (thank you parents LOL) and [the Hydrating Mist] is a blessing. I spray it on immediately after cleansing my face. It feels and smells so good on – it just makes washing my face so much more easier – and it’s weird or may sound funny…but being able to spray this on after makes washing my face more enjoyable somehow.

Anyhooo….love the stuff – non-irritating and just feels GOOD on.”

-Diane from Boise, ID

“I discovered OHA Bioactive Skin Care through my friend Victoria S Pritchard, the guru on everything healthy.  I have cerebral palsy, navigate through life in a wheel chair, and live on my own with assistance. Given my sensitive health, I am extra careful about what I put into my body and on my skin. I rely on Victoria’s expertise in these areas, and if a product meets her approval (which at times seems impossible), then I relax, exhale and happily pull out my VISA. I have been blessed with clear even toned skin, and I don’t take it for granted. So when Victoria introduced me to OHA, I wondered how it could improve my skin? The benefits have been three-fold.
1) I have the confidence that I am applying the cleanest, best quality, most supportive skin ingredients and not hurting my body.
2) my skin looks better, brighter, and dewier.
3) my skin feels internally moisturized throughout the day and night.
OHA is awesome!

-Candice Larscheid, Vancouver, Canada

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