The OHA Cocktail Kit

with a reusable vinyl bag

The OHA Cocktail is our unique and quick application method. We think you’ll love mixing your personalized cocktail and seeing the fabulous results on your skin. This customizable kit includes the products you need to make all 7 of our most popular cocktails, including the Sensitive Skin Cocktail & Quenching CoQ10 Cocktail.


· Cleansing Milk, 0.5 fl. oz.

· Intensive Nutrient Complex, 4 ml.

· Daily Moisturizer, 0.25 oz.

· Hydrating Mist, 0.5 fl oz.

· Night Cream, 3 gr.

· CoQ10 & Argan Face Cream, 3 gr.

· Sensitive Skin Therapy, 3 gr.

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What our customers are saying about the OHA Cocktail:

I do it everyday and my skin LOVES it!


Daily routine for me!


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