Not All Lavenders Are Created Equal


Remember how I mentioned the “lavender” bath salts I tried giving Martha before I knew that there was a difference between high end lavender and grocery store lavender? After doing some research, I can attest to how wrong I was. So. Wrong.

Let’s break it down:

“Lavender”:  A lot of products in grocery stores with a “lavender” scent may not even have actual lavender in it.  It’s like “grape” gum. I’ve never tasted a real grape that smelled anything like grape-flavored gum but it’s what the market has decided “grape” tastes like so that’s what we’ve come to expect.  Same goes for lavender.  A lot of people out there (maybe even you!) have only encountered the most false versions of lavender and believe that you’re allergic to or dislike the smell of lavender.  If the ingredient deck says nothing of “lavendin” or  some form of “lavandula”, back away slowly and move on to something real.

A Field of Lavendin

Lavendin: Even though (or maybe because) Lavendin is a hybrid of lavandula angustifolia (often called True Lavender) and lavender spica (Spiky Lavender), it’s a totally sterile plant that can’t reproduce on its own. Despite its sterility, lavendin is by far the most prevalent form of lavender in soaps, toothpastes, everything because it smells so lovely. It has to be cloned, which is why most lavender fields you see look eerily symmetrical and tidy.  Lavendin, however, doesn’t guarantee all the healing properties that lavandula angustifolia provides, so OHA primarily uses lavendin to cover up the not-so-pleasant smelliness of unrefined olive oil, pumpkin seed oil and rose hip seed oil. It also does well at the basic lavender functions, like being antispasmodic and a stress reliever.

A Field of True Lavender

Lavandula Angustifolia (True Lavender):  Ahhh, now the really good stuff. When other skin care companies use this variety of lavender, they dilute it like crazy because it’s so expensive. This lavender is not skin sensitizing so it’s safe for almost every skin type. The most precious sub-species of lavendula angustifolia is Population Lavender, grown from seeds in France. It is among the most therapeutically complex and beneficial lavender oils in the world.  Talk about freakisly expensive, but OHA uses it because it’s what’s best for your skin. Different climates, altitudes, and even insects can affect the structure and therapeutic strengths of a lavender plant, so OHA sources lavender from all around the world, including the Pacific Northwest, Tasmania, France, Bulgaria, and the Himalayas. This guarantees that you get all the possible therapeutic benefits of lavender when you use OHA’s skin care system. Why is that cool?  See below:

Lavender Angustifolia’s benefits include:

* treating eczema, psoriasis, burns, bronchial disorders, migraines, wounds, parasitic infection
* relaxant, sleep aid and stress reliever
* antibacterial, antispasmodic, a circulatory stimulant and antiseptic
* regulates skin functions and stimulates cellular growth and regeneration
* brings balance to all skin types, including acneic, dry, normal, sensitive and oily
* heals open wounds or surgical wounds
* it turns you and your friends into unicorns. I’m kidding. I just wanted to see you if you were still with me.

Enlightening stuff, eh?  It just reminds me of what an honor it is to be using and working around the most beautiful ingredients available.

Want to see the OHA products that are rich in lavender? Check out the links below:

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PS: If you have questions, thoughts, or musings about the meaning of life, leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Which of your products contain lavender? One of my co-workers has really bad eczema. Is there an OHA product that she could use to help?

    • Does she have eczema on her face or on her body? If it’s on her face, all of the OHA face products, except the Cleansing Milk, contain lavender. I would lean her toward the Intensive Nutrient Complex, Hydrating Mist and Daily Moisturizer. She can also water down the Facial Sugar Scrub and use it as a mask; the tea tree and lavender should help heal and soothe her.

      If it’s for her body, what’s really helped my eczema is this lotion that Martha’s recently formulated that she’ll get on the market within the next couple of months. It’s rich in lavender and super soothing.

  2. It’s mainly her hands, so we’ll be on the look out for the new lotion. Until then, I’ll let her try some of my Nutrient Complex and see if it helps. If it does, we’ll order her some 🙂
    Thank you!

  3. Laura Garrett says

    I have noticed that Texas, where I live, has some lavender farms. Are these true lavender? I was thinking about visiting one. Do you use any of this type of lavender in your products?

    • Hi Laura!

      It will really depend on the particular farm. If it’s Hill Country Lavender, they grow lavendula intermedia which is a form of lavendin. I tried looking up what lavender varieties grow in Texas but there seem to be a LOT of lavender farms (lucky you!). I would call the farm you’re thinking of visiting and they should know what variety of lavender they grow.

      Let me know what kind you get to see!

  4. Victoria S. Pritchard says

    Speaking of lavender, a couple of months ago, I was placing an OHA phone order and ended up speaking with owner, Martha. We got talking about lavender, and my big take away from our conversation was that in addition to its many healing properties, it heals burns too. I purchased a small quantity of Martha “endorsed lavender” mostly for the nice smell. Over Christmas I was pouring boiling water into a hot water bottle and in a second of distraction much of the boiling water landed on my hand. Almost immediately my skin started to change color and I experienced intense pain. Remembering what Martha had said about lavender, I quickly applied lavender over my injured hand hoping this alleviate the pain. Within a few minutes I was out of pain and my skin never blistered. How awesome is that? Thanks Martha!

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