Whole Plant Oils & Extracts

Did you know? Most oils used in modern skincare are refined, bleached, and deodorized — or, RBD — as they are incorporated into their final product.

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Special Extracts

Some of our favorite and most special extracts are selected for their unique healing powers and are not found in other natural skincare lines that we have seen on the market.

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Food-Grade Nutrients

Both our oils and extracts are food grade, meaning you can theoretically eat them safely or use them as supplements because they are so purely preserved.

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Supercritical CO2 Extracts

These highly concentrated and clean extracts are derived from CO2 (carbon dioxide) using a supercritical fluid.

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Trace Minerals

Our trace mineral mixture is sourced from the Great Salt Lake in Utah and contains over fifty minerals that naturally contribute to luminous, healthy glowing skin.

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Flower Essences

These special essences speak to the heart of the OHA brand as they possess spiritual properties that nurture both your body and mind using the power of nature.

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Rare Essential Oils

Highly therapeutic and hard to come by, we seek out the best rare essential oils to support your skin and your sense of emotional wellbeing at once.

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Unique Local Ingredients

Supporting small farmers and our local economy is incredibly important to us, not to mention some of the highest quality ingredients available today are grown in our very own lush PNW landscapes.

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OHA Special / Unique Ingredients

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to using only the very best natural ingredients in our products with minimal processing. This ensures our ingredients retain vital nutrients and much of their original life vitality, delivering benefits beyond those available in other organic natural skin care lines. 

Our products are formulated with the intention to harness the spiritual and healing intelligence of nature and deliver optimal nutrition for beautiful, radiant skin. We incorporate a luxurious, multi-correctional and concentrated fusion of whole plant oils and extracts filled with moisturizing fatty acids and revitalizing antioxidants. Additional food-grade nutrients, trace minerals, homeopathic flower essences and therapeutic essential oils complete our comprehensive ingredient deck showcasing our powerful, holistic approach to beauty.

We embrace the belief that beauty is an act of self-actualization and love as much as it is an externally perceptible end goal. 

OHA’s multifaceted approach to skin care creates a sensory experience that fulfills emotional and physical needs simultaneously and treats your skin as a vital, vibrant sensory organ rather than a two-dimensional surface. The skin is the largest of our sensory organs. Our face is the largest vehicle of personal expression and the location of our other five sense receptors, so it is incredibly important that we lovingly tend to its needs.

Our products are carefully formulated to positively impact the entire sensory system so that you enjoy the daily experience of feeling beautiful and centered, from the inside out.