Holiday Skin Care Tips



To ease tired eyes: apply a cool, damp washcloth to closed eyes and take a deep breath as you lightly hold the cool cloth to your eyelids. Then, apply one pump of Under Eye Therapy to the pads of your ring fingers and very gently massage around the eye bone. If you can do this application lying down with your feet raised for just a couple of minutes, you’ll feel even more invigorated.
To get the blood flowing: lots of drinking and partying can lead to foggy brain and stiffness. First, go into a Wonder Woman power stance, making sure your back is straight. Then fold over, bending your knees slightly and relax in this fold for 3 full, deep breaths. Repeat up to 5 times. Models do this routinely before photo shoots to get circulation to their face.
To rejuvenate tired looking skin: now is a great time to use a mask. Our SuperCritical Gel Mask can easily be incorporated into your weekly routine. Before getting into your morning shower, apply a thin layer of mask to your face. Rinse off at the end of your shower using Sugar Scrub and emerge with glowing, happy skin.
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