Sensitive Skin Therapy

140129OHA_34Research shows that 40% of facial cancer occurs on the lip and mouth area. This inspired Martha to create the Sensitive Skin Therapy to protect the whole face, especially the lips and mouth, from sun damage. Rather than using potentially harmful SPF ingredients, Sensitive Skin Therapy was formulated with the natural UV protection of unprocessed and unbleached botanicals, including reishi mushrooms, seabuckthorn and sunflower seeds.

This kind of sun protection allows skin to absorb the important benefits of the sun, including essential nutrients like Vitamin D, while still preventing wrinkles and scarring. The overall intention of this cream is to protect against sun damage, prevent wrinkles, and promote smooth, plump and softened skin. Our customers with oilier skins have found balance and lightness by using Sensitive Skin Therapy in place of moisturizer.

• 100% Vegetarian
• Fragrance Free
• Paraben Free
• Organic Ingredients
• Natural Ingredients
• Cruelty Free
• Gluten Free
• Made in the USA
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