The CO2 Mask’s Triumphant Return


I’ve mentioned before that I spent a sizable amount of my adolescence in Martha’s house.  She was always formulating concoctions for everyone in the household to test; “Smell this” frequented casual conversations.  About nine years ago, Martha concocted a handful of face masks. One was a chocolate mask with coffee and one was the CO2 mask. Being a coffee and chocolate freak, the obvious love affair should have started with the coffee chocolate mask. I didn’t know what CO2s were but that CO2 mask, more than anything else I’d ever tried, made my face feel clean without feeling dry, feel glowing without making me feel oily and even healed random zits. I loved it. I loved it so much, that I would awkwardly bring up the CO2 mask in conversations with Martha, hoping she’d offer me a lifetime supply. She’d mentioned that CO2s cost stupid amounts of money but that they were the purest iterations of plants.

Fast forward to Fall of 2010 when Martha, after some nagging, recreated her famous CO2 mask. It’s as fabulous as I remember it and I’m squirmily excited that so many people seem to love it as much as I do. Sheila Hansen, of If a Goddess Wore Makeup said,

“The new mask is awesome. I normally avoid using masks because most of them leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but NOT the new mask by OHA. My skin felt clean, soft and hydrated. LOVE it.”

It’s beautifully healing on tired, dry or panicked skin, which pretty much sums up how my skin feels this time of year. Martha got creative and added acai and pomegranate to give your skin a fantastic nutritional boost. Let us know what you think of this little miracle!

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  1. I adore your CO2 Mask; never stop creating this delicious treat! As an integrated wholistic healthcare practitioner (which includes being an aesthetician), I have used a lot (A LOT!) of natural and organic bodycare products and nothing, truly nothing, compares to the level of quality, knowledge and care of OHA. My aesthetician introduced me to OHA in 2010 and I was instantly swept off my feet; all the products have this amazing dream-like silkiness and lusciousness that I have never come across in other products. I have been dealing with acne and psoriasis for most of my life and nothing (not even pharmaceuticals) could help alleviate and regulate the symptoms; OHA products showed instant results after the first time I used them: dewy, glowing, soft, refreshed, calm and perfectly hydrated. Your mask socks my knocks off! In a perfect dream world I could bathe in the CO2 Mask and follow it up with a full-body massage in the Intensive Nutrient Complex~ Those 2 products alone transformed my skin. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and creative beauties~ PS: My perfect dream-world would also include larger sizes of these 2 products… so yummy~

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