2016 OHA Mother’s Day Gift Guide


OHA 2016 Mother's Day Gift Guide

Buying gifts is hard enough– buying gifts for the woman that raised you, or raised your children, is nearly impossible. How do you show her your appreciation? Chances are, mom isn’t wanting just some random gift (I’m talking about you– stuffed bear holding a box of mediocre, drug-store chocolate). She wants a loving, appreciative experience.

If you are thinking about spending the day pampering her (as you should), OHA has got you covered.

No two moms are exactly the same, and you should keep that in mind while you plan your Mother’s Day. To help you out, we have organized some gifts and experiences by types of moms. We are sure that you can find something she will love!

Green-Thumb Mom


OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your mom could spend all day in her garden! She loves digging in the dirt and watching her hard work come to life.

The Product

Facial Sugar Scrub

When mom is done gardening, her pores are clogged with dirt and sweat. That grubby feeling can get uncomfortable, quickly. The Facial Sugar Scrub ($28) can be used daily, and leaves skin feeling smooth and clean, without damaging the skin in the process. Plus, it smells divine!

The Experience

  • DIY a planter and fill it with her favorite flowers
  • Weed her garden.
  • Spend the day at the botanical garden


Expectant Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

This mom has it rough. Even moms with the easiest pregnancies have aches, pains, and skin concerns. She has had to give up an incredible array of activities and food items. Hormones are raging, sleeping is difficult, and there’s so much to get done, before baby comes!

This mom needs some SERIOUS pampering. Somebody better be waiting on her, hand and foot, already. If that is you, do more! If not, you can definitely find a way to help.

The Product

Sugar Shea Butter Cream

Shea Butter is a must for pregnancy! As belly skin stretches, it dries out and gets itchy. Shea Butter provides a great deal of relief. Rubbing on lotion is also a great way to connect with baby! (Bonus: it is widely believed that Shea Butter may help prevent stretch marks!)

Our Sugar Shea Butter Cream ($32) is rich and luxurious- a sure comfort for the expectant mother.

The Experience

  • Treat this special mom to a pre-natal massage. She needs relief from all those aches and pains!
  • Make her a big, fluffy nest of blankets and pillows, bring her all of her favorite pregnancy foods, massage her feet, and veg out watching her favorite movies.


Sporty Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

Whether she is running her stroller around the lake or is spending her retirement at yoga retreats, this mom likes to relieve her stress by working up a sweat.

The Product

Green Tea Cleansing Mist

This is a go-to product for mom, after she works out. Our Green Tea Cleansing Mist ($19) is extremely refreshing! The Green Tea extract is full of antioxidants, which will protect mom’s skin from UV rays and rejuvenate skin cells. Mist with 6-10 pumps when waking up in the morning, after working out, or whenever out in the sun.

The Experience

  • Take mom on a hike and spend the day together, enjoying the outdoors
  • Take her to see her favorite team play (hot dogs and beer? Sounds perfect, to me)
  • Is she always trying to get you to go with her on a jog or to yoga? Humor her!


Beach-Bum Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your mom is a sun worshiper- her beach-bag is pre-packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Your childhood was spent playing in tide pools, hitting around a volleyball, and hanging out around the bonfire. She probably has a lawn chair set out on the patio, for the days she can’t make it to the beach.

The Product

Advanced Treatment Serum

Mom can add this serum to her beauty routine for natural protection against the sun. Our Advanced Treatment Serum ($108-182) is packed with Astaxanthin, the most potent anti-oxidant available. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Astaxanthin also may reduce the risk of skin cancer and reverse skin damage.

The serum also contains Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which offers broad spectrum protection. Both you and mom can feel at ease, knowing that she is protecting herself against harmful rays.

Check out our blog article on the Hidden Dangers of Sunscreen to see why it is important to switch to natural sun protection products.

The Experience

  • Grab a beach blanket and pack a picnic. Simple and special!
  • Treat mom to a beach vacation. It can be a special time for you to connect! Plus, you get a vacation out of it, and who doesn’t need a vacation?


Health-Nut Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

This mom doesn’t just make your eat your vegetables- you’re eating all of the best superfoods, full of antioxidants and vitamins. You don’t even flinch when faced with a dark green beverage, or a pizza covered with kale, all thanks to mom. She knows that a healthy diet makes you feel great, from the inside out.

The Product

Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask

Our Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask ($42) is about as healthy as it gets! It is packed with seven CO2 extracts, which are full of flavonoids and essential nutrients. This Aloe mask contains Seaweed, Green Tea, Acai, and Bentonite Clay, among many other beneficial ingredients, to hydrate and rejuvenate mom’s skin. The Supercritical CO2 Gel Mask is basically a superfood for the skin!

The Experience

  • Take a trip to the local Farmer’s Market. Pick out some ingredients, and make a healthy meal, together. Spend the afternoon chatting in the kitchen and drinking wine (antioxidants!)
  • It is nice to know where your food comes from. Does mom have a vegetable or herb garden, already? If not, start one for her! Build her a raised vegetable bed, or create a fun mason jar herb garden, for the garden. Pinterest is your best friend for great small garden projects!


Techie Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

This mom is attached to her smartphone, her ipads, and her netflix account. If it a gadget, she owns it.

The Product

Under Eye Therapy

The ultimate in skincare for a tech-obsessed woman is our Under Eye Therapy ($42). Mom’s passion for technology is probably leaving her eyes strained and puffy. Give her some relief with this soothing therapy. The cucumber has a cooling effect and the honey and perilla oil reduce the swelling.

The Experience

  • One word: IMAX.
  • If you take her to dinner, don’t bug her about how many times she looks at her phone. She’ll appreciate it.


Every Mom

OHA Mother's Day Gift Guide

All moms are different, but almost all have some things in common- chances are, they’re stressed, tired, and need a break. Life can really wear a mom down! Sometimes what a mom needs most is just to relax.

The Products

Night Cream and Hydrating Mist

Two of our most popular products, Night Cream ($42) and Hydrating Mist ($29) are wonderful for stress reduction and emotional balance.

The Night Cream provides a moisturizing nighttime detox with lavender for restful aromatherapy.

Our Hydrating Mist refreshes and hydrates the skin, leaving mom with a youthful glow and supple tone. The mist contains lavender and rose hydrosols, as well as Vanilla Leaf Flower Essence, to maintain balance and relaxation, throughout the day.

The Experience

  • Treat mom to a massage, mani-pedi, or spa day. Pamper her!
  • Make mom take the day off- take over her chores and responsibilities for the day! Encourage her do whatever she wants.

We are having a special on the products for the “Every Mom” — buy your set, now! 

2016 OHA Mother's Day Gift Set

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