Be Your Own Valentine: Fall In Love With Your Beauty

I’ve always had a bit of a beef with Valentine’s Day.  It’s a very bossy holiday, telling you how to feel toward your partner, if you’ve got one, or making you feel “less than” if you’re single. I love my partner and I try to express that love every day we’re together; I don’t need a holiday to remind me, especially with cliché pink and red hearts.  This is why I’ve decided to redefine Valentine’s Day. Ready? Valentine’s Day 2010 is dedicated to finding even more reasons to respect and honor your own beauty, spirit and heart.  Be your own Valentine.

Talking with Martha, we realized that there are a couple of different body parts that make us feel beautiful in a way that no snazzy piece of jewelry or pricey new outfit ever could:

Your Lips: There’s something sexy about lips. They kiss, they sexily eat strawberries, they whisper naughty nothings…they’re undeniable.  That’s why it’s important to treat those kissers with the Lip Line Treatment. It will protect that vulnerable area with moisturizing tamarind and meadowfoam seeds, antioxidant green tea and reishi mushrooms, and soothing and hydrating coconut oil and sea buckthorn to reduce the appearance of lip lines and add plumpness to the lips.

Your Eyes: When it comes down to it, the most beautiful part of any person is their eyes. Eyes express nearly everything there is to know about how someone is feeling. When you’ve been drinking water, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and feeling relatively calm, your eyes reflect it. When you’re stressed, tired, sick or sleepy, your eyes are a dead give away. For those times of feeling worn-out, saggy, or tired, Martha formulated the Under Eye Therapy. It lifts with silk, gently replenishes moisture with sunflower seed oil and olive squaline, de-puffs with honey and perilla oil, and cools and soothes with aloe and cucumber. This product is especially helpful if your eyes are looking more worn out than you feel.

Your Neck:  When you want to get snuggly with a special someone, you want your neck to feel smooth, supple and inviting.  Applying the Lip Line Treatment to the neck replenishes moisture so completely that it helps smooth out the appearance of wrinkles. If you’d like to tighten up that delicate décolleté, add some Under Eye Therapy to your Lip Line Treatment and apply in gentle upward strokes.

I also think it’s a lovely time of year to indulge in the sweeter things in life. We began the year with strict resolutions for ourselves so now’s the time to ease up and give ourselves some leeway to relax and enjoy. If you’re still calorie counting, however, you can add the Facial Sugar Scrub to your daily dose of indulgence.  It sloughs off dead skin, leaving you refreshed and feeling lively.

I’d love to hear from all of our fabulous readers out there.  What do you love about yourself?

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