Can a Single Ingredient Solve Your Skin Woes?

Have you ever noticed that a lot of skin care companies hang their hats on a single ingredient?  Think about it for a minute.  You’ve probably seen a tea tree skin care line for acne prone skin, a mushroom or vitamin E line for mature skin, a rose line for rosacea and sensitivities…I could go on.  The point is, they make a skin care line with a tolerable amount of that mushroom or tea tree or vitamin E and add non-active fillers to create their skin care product.  While it works for some, it doesn’t address the multi-faceted needs of the skin.  On a daily basis, my skin’s trying to protect me against pollution, retain moisture even when I step into the moisture-sucking coldness that is the Chicago winter, heal the randomly occurring zit when I’ve forgotten to de-grime my cell phone/pillow case, and regenerate new skin cells so it can slough off the old, dead skin cells.  A hefty dose of rose – on its own – isn’t going to support all of those functions.  It’s going to fall short in a serious way.

Think of your daily skin care routine as your skin’s meal time. Sure, oranges are full of vitamin C and help support the immune system but if you just eat oranges all day, every day, your other systems will be deprived and then bring down your immune system while they’re at it. That’s why you can’t just focus on one skin issue with a single ingredient; you’ve got to support all of the systems of the skin.

You can probably sense what’s coming, right?  That OHA isn’t like those other companies?  Well done, fearless reader! OHA supports all of the functions your skin performs. Martha, our skin care guru and formulator, is uncompromising, using only the highest quality, organic and raw versions of all of those ala carte ingredients in other skin care lines. You’re getting all the nutrient-rich ingredients without the filler and fluff. It makes a lot of sense but it’s surprisingly unique. So wash, hydrate, treat and moisturize knowing that you’ve got all of the best ingredients and not just one.

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