Tips for Reviving Skin & Mind

As the holiday season has officially begun, we thought we’d put forward a little plan for self-nurturance. We’re calling this one “Revive”. Use this plan whenever you need it – it works in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  1. For a quick “pick me up”, use Hydrating Mist all over the face. We’ve heard from some of our longtime customers that they like to spray Hydrating Mist on their face and neck when they get headaches.
  2. Vitamin C Hand Cream or Fresh Limes Shea Body Butter: Take a nickel-sized amount and rub briskly between clean hands to heat up. Massage your fingers by pulsing from the base of each finger and working out to the tips. Deeply breathe in the uplifting orange/lime scent. Also apply in brisk, upward motions on your forearms to increase circulation. You can also try a quick mist with either product on feet after a grueling day or a particularly tough workout.
  3. Pump 1-2 pumps of the Under Eye Therapy to the tip of your ring finger. Touch ring fingers together to distribute product evenly between them. Starting at the temples, tap gently across the orbital bones moving towards the inner corner of each eye. Continue up over the eyebrows all the way back to the temples. Repeat around the eyes until all the product has absorbed. Once absorbed, take tips of ring fingers in the sockets and very gently do 10-20 tiny, super light circles. For an especially reviving treatment, pop the Under Eye Therapy in the refrigerator thirty minutes before trying this tapping treatment.

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