Pure Botanical Parfum

All perfumes are 100% natural. They contain only pure essential oils, plant extracts and flower essences. They are free of synthetic ingredients. Please enjoy!


Eau d’OHA

10ml [cc_product sku=”perfeaud10″ display=”inline” quantity=”true” price=”true”]
Description: Clean * Crisp * Alluring  ::  A natural perfume created for the woman who connects with the heart of all things and values the simple day to day beauties of life. The aroma pervades light warm sunshine coupled with a refreshing cool breeze touching your skin. This fragrance arose from Martha’s desire to make an aromatic expression of the exquisite ingredients contained in OHA skin care products. This is the scent and spirit of OHA.
Perfume Notes: Blood Orange, Green Tea, Sandalwood and a kiss of Coconut.

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Dear Friend

10ml [cc_product sku=”perfdf10″ display=”inline” quantity=”true” price=”true”]
Description: Sultry * Deep * Spicy  ::  Designed to evoke the feelings of love and comfort of being with someone dear. Imagine sharing a cherished beverage on a lazy and languid afternoon. The evening slowly rises with tranquility and memorable moments. Something shared something beautiful, something real. This pure and natural fragrance takes us to that special place of feeling connected to another and our best self.
Perfume Notes: Wild French Lavender, Vanilla, Citrus and Spice, with a touch of Cognac


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