Dry Skin Kit

OHA Dry Skin KitFor whatever reason your skin feels dry, this kit is the solution. The first step to any good skin care system is a cleanser that won’t strip your skin but still cleans dirt and grime. Cleansing Milk is gentle enough for the driest skins and leaves your skin feeling silky. After cleansing, it’s vital to thoroughly moisturize and replenish oils with both moisturizers and serums.

When Meg lived in Chicago, her face was flaky and felt tight throughout the long Midwestern winter. The only product that quenched her skin without causing breakouts was the Intensive Nutrient Complex. That’s why we’re offering the large bottle in this kit – you never want to run out of this liquid gold when your skin’s feeling dry. As our newest and most moisturizing cream, it only seems natural to include the fabulous CoQ10 & Argan Face Cream.

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