How OHA Fixed my Acne Fiasco

Growing up, I watched one of my older brothers struggle with serious skin issues, like acne to the point of having to take medications like Acutane. You may have heard of it.  It’s so toxic that doctors won’t prescribe it until you’ve gotten two negative pregnancy tests and won’t keep prescribing it unless you take a pregnancy test every month.  Yikes. For my poor brother, no amount of lip balm or lotions could keep his lips and skin from being itchy and flaky while he was taking Acutane. After seeing him like that, I went through puberty, middle school, and high school, dreading the inevitability of one day waking up with a painful case of full-blown acne. Lucky for me, I just had little outbreaks here and there but no ongoing issues….until I graduated from college.

The area under the right side of my chin became a hotbed of acne disasterousness. At first, there were a couple of spots and then those spots seemed to breed and take up residency. Soon enough, I couldn’t deny that these breakouts were constant, painful and not going away any time soon. I just kept thinking, “I’m in my twenties! Acne is for teenagers!”. After I visited my doctor, I had to face facts: I had acne and two acne prescriptions to prove it.  My doctor told me that I’d be prone to acne through my mid-thirties and that I’d have to keep medicating until then. Cue my sense of heavy dread.  Though the medication cleared up my acne, I didn’t feel great about it.  I was putting toxic creams and pastes on my face, despite my general belief that there’s usually a more natural, organic option that will do the job just as well as a synthetic. I didn’t know what else to use, though, so I ignored my discomfort.

My Face 1 Month on OHA and Off Acne Meds

About a year later, Martha asked me to join the OHA team and got me hooked up with the OHA skin care system. After about a week, I loved how my skin felt and I decided to take a leap of faith. I thought, “I really believe in these products and their healing properties. I also don’t want this acne medication adding toxicity to my life and body.  Now’s my chance to make the switch and see what happens.”  So I did it.  Initially, I developed a bit of a rash. Panicked, I called Martha, worried that I’d made a bad choice and that I would have to be on acne creams until I was in my thirties.  She explained that my skin, with the help of OHA, was pushing all the toxins from the acne medications to the surface and would clear it out in the next week.  Less anxious, I stuck with it and the rash cleared within a week.  Now, 6 months later, my freaky acne hasn’t resurfaced and I am endlessly grateful to OHA for giving me an organic, natural alternative to those acne creams. On the other side of the coin, living in Chicago, the winter generally ravages my skin, turning it red and dry within minutes of being outside, but OHA’s balanced me out to the point that my skin knows how to take care of itself.  The acne’s gone but so is the potential for dryness on my cheeks and oiliness on my t-zone.  Ahhhh, balance.

So, that’s what OHA’s done for me. I feel lucky to have had such a fantastic line of products fall into my lap the way OHA has. Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear how OHA’s worked for you. Email. Leave a comment. Don’t be a stranger.

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