How to Judge Skin Care by its Cover

Let’s talk drinks.  When was the last time you drank really fantastic beer or red wine from a clear bottle?  Have you ever?  I know I haven’t.  Those obsessively particular artisan brewers use tinted bottles to protect their delicate flavors from sun and light damage.  Surprisingly, it seems as though the bottle color is more important for preventing oxidation than storage temperature (  That means that even more important than a cool wine cellar is the darkness of a wine’s bottle.  In other words, beer and wine go funkier faster if they’re in clear bottles and brown/amber bottles are ideal for protecting color and flavor.

The same bottling pickiness should be as common when it comes to essential oils and, accordingly, to the botanical skin care world.  Essential oils and raw vegetable oils are fragile and can oxidize and deteriorate from light exposure, just like those tasty beverages.  If a formulator gives a rip about maintaining the nutrients and therapeutic qualities of their final product, they need to store their original essential oils in amber or cobalt bottles and bottle their products in a similarly protective way. No more of those clear glass or cheap plastic containers.  If you can easily see through the bottle, so can damaging light rays, so be sure to avoid buying anything containing essential or vegetable oils in a clear container. For an example of how botanical skin care products should be contained, take a look at any of the OHA products*.  Martha has a lot in common with those obsessively particular brewers; her formulations are filled with precious ingredients full of life and nutrients, so they’re packed in amber.

Check our that sweet amber bottle!

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*The only non-glass bottle in the OHA line up is the Cleansing Milk bottle. While still protected against light rays by its amber tint, it’s made of PET plastic, a hard, type 2 plastic that’s less reactive with essential oils than the vast majority of other skin care lines’ entire bottling systems. Being type 2, it’s also easier to recycle. Rest assured that once we find an amber glass bottle that fits into our Cleansing Milk box, we’ll happily make the switch.


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